Boundless Exposed 2024

Boundless Exposed 2024


Boundless Exposed is a workshop and mentoring opportunity for theatre designers of color. During this twelve-week program, participating designers will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced mentors in shaping an installation-style design based on a short play inspired by their research and ideas. Working collaboratively with peers, these designers create and assemble an original installation design, which becomes the basis for a workshop of a short play. By giving emerging designers the opportunity to take the lead, Boundless Exposed fuels creativity, fosters professional skills and provides valuable networking opportunities to the next generation.

This year’s mentors include Christopher Vergara, Rodrigo Hernández, Regina García, María Cristina Fusté, and Mariana Carreño.

Final presentation will be the monologue Translucent by Mariana Carreño King starring Flower Estefana Rios, featuring the designs of Gylanni Carrington, Stephanie Renoj López, and Eliana Yost.

Where: Teatro Círculo 64E 4th Street NYC (Downstairs Theater)
When: June 7th, 2024 @ 8pm

The presentation will be followed by a talkback and toast.

Tickets are free of charge




Flower Estefana Rios

Featuring the work of Designers:

Gylanni Carrington

Stephanie Renoj López

Eliana Michelle Yost