Mission & History

Our Mission

Boundless Theatre Company is a designer-led organization seeking to investigate, push and redefine the boundaries of theatrical storytelling. Spearheaded by women, Latinx theatre-makers and other theatre-makers of color, we strive to nurture cross-cultural voices in our programming, producing aesthetically challenging and visually mesmerizing interpretations of new and existing work. In these ways, we foster a collaborative artistic landscape as richly and authentically diverse as our own communities.

Our History

Boundless Theatre Company was founded in 2006 by María-Cristina Fusté and Ailien Ventura. In that year, our founding members began assembling a diverse group of artists, especially women theatre designers of color, to form a company that would bring underrepresented viewpoints into the wider theatrical conversation.

Over the next several years, the company developed this goal in two ways. As theatre designers, the artists collaborating at Boundless Theatre Company sought to create a production process that was led by the design team, prioritizing visual and auditory excellence onstage. As artists from multicultural backgrounds, they also sought to bring their own stories and communities to life onstage. In productions such as Tropical TreeFive Kinds of Silence, and Madre, el drama padre, the artists at Boundless Theatre Company began working toward these goals, all while creating inquisitive and socially relevant professional theatre.

Today, the artists of Boundless Theatre seek to advance these goals through a wide variety of cultural activities. We produce 2-3 fully-staged plays each year, emphasizing Latinx playwrights and featuring diverse casts and creative teams. As a designer-led company, we provide rare opportunities for theatre designers to take the lead on these projects, guiding the artistic and administrative processes with their own creative visions.

In addition, Boundless facilitates a robust artist exchange between Puerto Rico and NYC, furthering our mission to nurture cross-cultural voices in our programming. We produce in both locations, and bring Puerto Rican artists to NYC or New York-based artists to PR for all of our projects. Our commitment to this cultural exchange between artists is a vital part of who we are as a company.

We are also committed to providing quality arts education programming in our communities. Each summer, we produce El Barrio Raíces Summer Program, a bilingual arts education program offered free of charge to NYC children between the ages of 7 and 10. We also offer programs for senior citizens and early-career designers in NYC, and facilitate an educational performance program in Puerto Rico that impacts five thousand high school students each year. In tandem, our full productions and community programs help us fulfill our mission to foster a truly diverse and collaborative artistic landscape for the next generation of theatre artists.