Imperfecta invisible

by Nancy Millán

She dreams with being a rockstar and a famous actress, but how does a fat woman achieve her dreams in a world of magazine articles about the worst beach bodies and relentless cruel mockery in social media?

Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center

1680 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

July 20-23, 2023

Imperfecta invisible

by Nancy Millán


Representation, Me too, Fatphobia, Misogyny, Invisibility. She is Imperfect. This is the story of a woman who believed that she could break stereotypes, prejudices, and cruelty. Can she really do it? Among funny and poignant stories about hair, diets, auditions, antidepressants and love, this imperfect woman will make herself visible in front of our eyes. “Imperfecta Invisible” by Nancy Millán poses the question: Who hasn’t felt invisible in their lives? Lucky those who haven’t. Luckier still is the one who can laugh at their self. This piece explores our perceptions of what is and isn’t beautiful, of what is and isn’t worthy and deserving of love. Imperfecta Invisible is a one person show with original music and a live rock band on stage.

The play will be performed in Spanish with English super-titles.


Nancy Millán

Rock Band:
Jomel Rivera
Skyler Volpe
Pablo Eluchans

Creative Team:
Directed by Ismanuel Rodríguez
Stage Manager: Daniela Salazar
Sound Design: Cristian Gautier
Scenic Design: Omayra Garriga
Costume Design: Oriana Lineweaver
Lighting Design: María-Cristina Fusté