Mercado libre

by Luis Araújo

A corrupt lawyer and an immigrant prostitute negotiate their services in a story of domination, money, power, and sex.

JUNE 20 – 31, 2022

Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center

Presented in Spanish with English super-titles.


“Mercado libre” (Free Market) is about how on a society whose system is based on free market, there are still paradoxical situations. The play presents us with actions that show us how far human ambition can get. Some have money and want to buy, others need it and are seeking what to sell. How far can the human ambition get, in order to possess that what they want? Work, body, dignity? What are you capable of buying if you had the money to do it? An intriguing play that explores the limits of human desire. All these concepts are personified on stage by two characters and their relationship. One a corrupt lawyer and the other an immigrant prostitute that negotiate their services while questioning the manipulation and loss of values in a capitalist society. This is a story of domination, money, power, and sex, a story that develops to an unexpected end. This play premiered in Spain and subsequently had a production in Puerto Rico. Luis Araújo is a very respected Spanish playwright and we are honored to be producing the NY premiere of his play. 

Cast & Crew

Nancy Millán

Vico Ortiz

Omar Nieves

Creative Team:

Directed by Ismanuel Rodríguez
Original Music: Cristian Gautier
Scenic Design: Omayra Garriga
Costume Design: Oriana Lineweaver
Lighting Design: María-Cristina Fusté