Mujer Invisíble

by Nancy Millán

A funny and sometimes painful journey through love, college, auditions, diets, antidepressants and hair.


Fine Arts Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mujer Invisíble

by Nancy Millán


Mujer Invisible dreams of being a Rockstar and a famous actress. But how can someone invisible achieve these dreams? One day, Mujer Invisible walks into a space where she can be seen. Is it a stage? Is it her subconscious? What is this dreamlike place? There are pieces of her life, her dreams and nightmares displayed everywhere, but there is also a rock band and an audience. She is going to tell her story; she is going to sing her songs, and no one can tell her she can’t. Mujer Invisible is the story of a woman that for years believed what she was told about herself: you can’t do this, you’re too fat, you are unpretty. In a world made of fashion magazines, photoshop and influencers, she does not fit. Or does she?


Directed by Ricardo Santana

Original lyrics and score: Nancy Millán*
Set Design: Sarita Fellows & María Cristina Fusté
Costume Design: Sarita Fellows
Lighting Design: María Cristina Fusté
Assistant Lighting Designer: Pamela López
Sound Design: Aidita Encarnación
Makeup Designer: Yaritza Rey
Stage Manager: Pamela López
Photos: William Vázquez

Nancy Millán

Backup Singers
Noelia Ortiz
Ricardo Santana

Jomel Rivera- 1st Guitar
Raúl Gaztambide- Bass Guitar
Javier Calzad-Drums

Photos by William Vázquez

*Song: “No me hace falta” Lyrics Nancy Millán/ Music by Nancy Millán and Jomel Rivera