Cupido trae correspondencia

by Marcelo Rodríguez

Sixty years after being separated against their will, a couple is reunited by chance.

March, 2022

Filmed in Sunnyside, Queens

Performed in Spanish

Cupido trae correspondencia

by Marcelo Rodríguez


Cupido trae correspondencia is the story of a forbidden relationship between two teenagers who end up separated against their will. As time passes, their lives change and take them both to far away places where they need to learn again how to live. Almost 60 years later, Elizabeth and Zacarías are reunited by chance and now they have to face the pass of time and the consequences that has on the feelings that united them once. It is a love story filled with emotion, and tenderness, where themes like long time memories, immigration, loneliness and forgiveness are explored since those experiences affect many older adults in our communities.


Written and Directed by Marcelo Rodríguez
The short film is performed in Spanish.


María Antonia Placencia
Raoul Bretón
Juan Villarreal