Cupido trae bigote

by Marcelo Rodríguez

A short film explores loneliness and the search for love by older adults.

February, 2021

Filmed in NYC and NJ

Performed in Spanish

Cupido trae bigote

by Marcelo Rodríguez


Boundless de Oro is a bilingual theatrical workshop program conducted at senior centers in NYC, in collaboration with the Yolada Laprea Foundation. During this six week workshop, seniors at the East Harlem Neighborhood Senior Center were coached in acting, diction, and movement. They developed skills in script analysis, movement techniques, and character development, all while exercising their minds and bodies and creating dynamic new art. The program culminated in a collaborative final showcase: a performance of La Peluca, a comedy written by Marcelo Rodríguez. This year we created a short film with older adults as the cast and crew.


Written and directed by Marcelo Rodríguez


Tatiana Vecino
Frank Robles
Juan Villarreal

Creative team:

Written and Directed: Marcelo Rodríguez
Original music: Jerry Soto
Singer: Norma Alvarado
Editing: Carlos Torres for El Punto Productions
Graphic Artist: Noelis Márquez
Executive Producer and Camera: María-Cristina Fusté