Boundless Exposed 2009

Boundless Exposed 2009


Boundless Exposed started as a Design Experiment for the resident designer in the company. On its inaugural year, Designers were given the task of designing and directing as a collective seven short plays written by Kisha Tikina Burgos. The experiment wanted to explore how design concepts are developed and then implemented in the rehearsal room. Director Tamilla Woodard served as dramaturge and guide throughout the process.


Resident Designers:
Jorge Dieppa: Scenic Design
Sarita Fellows: Costume Designer
María-Cristina Fusté: Lighting Designer
Tamilla Woodward: Dramaturge

Stage Readings:
Prospect by Octavio Solis
Directed by Tlaloc Rivas

Lucinda Caval by Caridad Svich
Directed by Alfredo Galván

Boundless Lab:
7 Days by Kisha Tikina Burgos