Gala-Thon 2021

De conversa con Vico Ortiz

Vico Ortiz contesta todas tus preguntas sobre lenguaje inclusivo, género no-binarie y todo lo que tiene que ver con este tema tan importante. Esta conversa es como parte de las celebración del mes del orgullo gay.

Vico Ortiz answers all your questions about inclusive language, non-binary gender, and everything related to this topic. This dialogue is part of the events of pride month.

Gala-Thon, 2020

Please join us in revisiting our 2020 gala that was live streamed on October 1st, 2020 at 7pm, hosted by Alfredo Galván and María-Cristina Fusté. We can’t wait to tell you everything about our season and how we’ve adapted in innovative ways to the circumstances. It was an event filled with love, art, friends, and lots of theater!

Adiós, Flora talk back with actors and creative team. November 22, 2020.