Kaytlin Sanchez

Kaytlin (Kayti) Sanchez is a proud latina from south Florida. She is a current freshman at the University of Michigan, pursuing a BFA in Theatre Design and Production, with a concentration in Costume Design, and a Minor in Latino/a Studies. With her mother working in the bridal industry, she grew up around rolls of fabric, industrial sewing machines, and dress forms. The seamstresses taught her to sew, helped her create her halloween costumes, and fostered her love as a maker. After attending her first New York Fashion Week with the designers and seeing the process of initial design to final runway, she left inspired and developed a passion to pursue the arts as a career. From then on, she moved from the runway to the stage and started costume designing. Her work has been displayed at the Norton Museum of Art, Kravis Center, and theaters both in Florida and the University of Michigan. Kayti is passionate about uplifting BIPOC voices not only onstage, but backstage as well. She uses the world around her, as well as her own culture and experiences, to influence her work. She is incredibly excited to be a part of the Boundless Exposed program and honored to be in a space with people like herself.