Mud, Maria Irene Fornes’ classic 1983 play, paints a desolate portrait of toxic affection and rural poverty.

María-Cristina Fusté (Artistic Director), Mud cast: Nelson Avidon, Julian Elijah Martinez,
Nicole Villamil, Alannah O’Hara (Stage Manager), Elena Araoz (Director).

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Registration opens soon for El Barrio Raíces 2018! El Barrio Raíces Summer Program is a four-week summer camp that offers hands-on theatre training to children between the ages of seven and ten. The program is free of charge and available to all residents of NYC. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in acting, dance, costuming, set design, and stage makeup exercises. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

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Boundless Theatre Company is proud to announce the inaugural season of BOUNDLESS for All. BOUNDLESS for All is a program that provides complimentary tickets to members of the community who may not have the means to regularly attend professional theatre. The goal of our program is to expand access to the theatre, allowing neighbors in need the opportunity to see plays written, created and performed by accomplished Latino/a artists. Through BOUNDLESS for All, Boundless fulfills our mission to represent the diversity of our community both onstage and off.